What is the motto of Scotland

a) Scotland forever

b) Scots are the best

c) No one provokes me with impunity

d) God save the Scots

e) No one hammer the Scots

2. The national emblem of Scotland is:

a)the thistle;

b) the daffodil;

c) the shamrock;

d) the red rose;

e) the elephant.

3. The capital of Scotland is:

a) London




e) Edinburgh

4. What is the number of population living in Scotland?

a) 4 million

b) 1,5 million

c) 3 million

d) 5 million

e) 49 million

5. “Loch” stands for:


b) sea


d) monster

e) mountain

6. What is the highest point in Scotland?

a) Grumpians

b) Pennines

c) Ben Nevis

d) Big Ben

e) Benjamin

7. What’s the largest lake in Scotland?

a) Loch Lomond

b) Loch Ness

c) Loch Tay

d) Loch Katrine

e) Loch Elizabeth

8. What prefix do Scottish families begin with?

a) “Mac”

b) “Dac”

c) “Bak”

d) “Dec”

e) “Pan”

9. What is the national cloth of Scots?


b) trousers

c) tartan


e) tie

10. Which of the following doesn’t belong to the features of Scottishness

a) Loch Ness monster

b) Scottish Whisky

c) national dress

d) bagpipe

e) cereals

11. What is the name of the Scottish national instrument?

a) tartan

b) violin

c) banjo

d) bagpipe

e) kilt

12. Scotland is bounded on the north by … ; on the east by … ; on the southeast by …

a) theAtlantic Ocean/ the North Sea/ England

b) the Irish Sea/ the North sea/ England

c) England/ the North Sea/ The Atlantic Ocean

d) the North Sea/ the Atlantic Ocean/ England

e) England/ the Atlantic Ocean/ the North Sea

13. There are 186 nearby islands, contained in three groups called the Hebrides, the Orkney Islands; and …

a) the Shotlands

b) the Shatlands

c) the Shetlands

d) the Shitlands

e) the Shytlands

14.The only large indigenous mammal in Scotland is the …

a) whale

b) wolf

c) bear

d) deer

e) fox

15. Scots divide themselves into …

a) Black and White

b) Catholic and Presbyterian

c) Highlanders and Lowlanders

d) Leaders and workers

e) chatterboxes and individualists

16. Scotland has its own parliament since ….

a) 1536

b) 1666

c) 1707

d) 1801

e) 1999

The person who had intended to hammer Scots into the ground and destroy them, but in fact he had hammered them into a nation

a) William Wallace

b) Robert Bruce

c) Robert Brook

d) Edward

e) The Scone king

18. What did English king Edward steal to prevent Scots from having their own king after King Alexander sudden death?

a) money

b) a crown

c) a stone of destiny

d) a throne

e) a ring

19. Edward’s reign led to the creation a popular resistance movement led by … who was later captured and executed.

a) William Wallace

b) Robert Bruce

c) Robert Brook

d) Edward

e) The Scone king